Ear Treatment


Cholesteatoma is the presence of squamous epithelial pocket or sac, filled with keratin debris within the middle ear cleft. It is a cause of Active Squamous epithelial type of Chronic otitis media.

Clinical Features :
  • Otorrhoea: The discharge is scanty, foul smelling, continuous and yellowish.
  • Deafness: There is moderate to severe hearing loss. It may be conductive and mixed.
  • Otalgia.
  • Tinnitus.
  • Vertigo.
  • Patients may also present with intracranial or extracranial complications.
Cholesteatoma is divided into 3 types
Congenital Cholesteatoma:

They are squamous epithelial cells arising from temporal bone. It arises from ectodermal cell nest.

Aims of Surgery :
  • Make the ear safe and prevent complications.
  • Make the ear dry.
  • Restore maximum possible hearing.

Surgery is the only treatment for Cholesteatoma.
Medical line of treatment may be only useful to control rapid spread of infection and impending intracranial complications due to infection.


Depending on the extent and severity of the discharge, a Modified Radical or Radical mastoidectomy is indicated.