Ear Treatment


Syringing is an OPD procedure used for removal of wax, foreign bodies, debris from the ear. This procedure is done by an aural syringe with a piston which can push water with force through a nozzle.

  • Patient is seated with ear to be syringed towards the examiner.
  • A kidney tray is placed over the shoulder of the patient.
  • Patient’s head is slightly tilted over the kidney tray.
  • The syringe is held in the right hand.
  • Pinna is pulled upward and backward and stream of water is directed towards the postero-superior wall of the external auditory meatus. The pressure of the water builds up deeper to the wax and expels the wax out.
  • Image
    • 1. Acute inflammatory conditions of the external or middle ear.
    • 2. Perforation of the tympanic membrane.
    • 3. Hygroscopic foreign bodies.
    • 4. Sharp foreign bodies.
    • Removal of wax.
    • Dried fungal debris.
    • Epithelial debris.
    • Blunt foreign bodies.